As a Christian woman, I look at the recent women’s marches and heated feminist thought with confusion. Where is my place in all of this? Where is God’s place? It leaves me questioning what it means to be a Christian woman in today’s culture.

Then, I read an article by Bonnie McKernan that seemed to not only calm my thoughts, but it made me realize what is even more important. As Bonnie fell asleep with pressing questions about what it means to be a Christian woman, she awoke with the better question: “How will I be an excellent woman and reflect God’s beauty today?”

Reflecting God’s Beauty

Yes, we can argue night and day about the role of women in society, but aren’t we taking the attention off what is more important– God’s design and glory? Bonnie goes on to say every woman’s strengths, beauty, value and “the essence of who we are all come from our Creator — whose image we reflect — long before the gender debates of the twentieth century.”

After the creation of man and woman in Genesis, “God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good.” In His image, we are created male or female. We can debate for hours, but it doesn’t change the fact that I am God’s creation and made to glorify Him. God designed the complementary roles of men and women to bring joy to us and glory to Him.

I want to take the focus off of what opinions or stance I should have while placing the focus on God. Most importantly, I want to stop wondering what my place is among the feminist culture and start aspiring to “be an excellent woman and reflect God’s beauty today.”

Division. Debate. Distraction.

The debates surrounding feminism are certainly a “hot-topic” in our society. I think discussion is a healthy and important aspect of having educated and firmly rooted stances. However, are we spending more time discussing our stances or actually living out what we believe?

Bonnie describes the will of Satan as “happy to see us discuss the beauty of womanhood all we want — so long as it distracts us from living it.” While we are paralyzed with defending and dividing ourselves into this side and that, what is being accomplished? A better… argument?

Bonnie illustrates our culture as “so paralyzed by every new ‘how-to,’ and so divided by debate” that we “never get around to actually submitting our lives to God with a willingness to be led by him wherever it may take us.”

Living Beautifully

So, what does it mean to be a Christian woman? Well, instead of questioning what stance we should have or how to better defend our argument for or against feminism, let’s start looking to our creator. How does He call us to live?

Bonnie ends her article with her newfound definition of womanliness. As Christian women, let us be “actually living so beautifully and excellently that the symphony of our lives draws others to the infinite beauty of our designer, drowning out the provocative siren song of the world, whose fleeting and shallow beauty lures only to ugly brokenness.”

Our lives are too precious to be utilized as beacons of division and debate. Let us cling to God’s beauty and aspire to glorify Him instead of getting lost in culture’s attempts to distract us from His importance.

Let us stop asking what it means to be a Christian woman in society’s shifting standards and expectations and start asking how we can be excellent women and reflect God’s beauty today.

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